About Us

About the Company

This Western Maryland based Candle company uses a newly designed method of reverse-casting much like the steel foundries.

If you love candles or enjoy old bottles, Debbie’s Molded Memories gives you a wide variety of vintage bottle candles to choose from. Every candle has a history or a story, and if history could not be found for any particular bottle then it is just a beautiful or unique candle to enjoy.

After much research, trial and error, it was discovered that for Debbie’s Molded Memories candles that a beeswax/paraffin blend works best. Our blend also allows the candles to burn longer and will help retard color fading if placed in direct sunlight. Each candle is fitted with a cotton wick and each wick is based upon candle style and size. Some of Debbie’s Molded Memories candles are fitted using a new wicking technique, which we call the “Wishbone” wick. This wick will start as a single wick and when burning, at some point within the candle it will split into two wicks. This new added feature gives you a more uniform, even burn throughout the life of the candle.

As we started this endeavor, we heard people say that they could not burn candles because of the scent, ie: gave headaches, made them sick, etc. So it was decided early on that we would give options. You, the customer can choose to have a scent or no scent, we do have a standard amount of fragrance that we put in our candles, but if you would like a heavier scented candle it is a choice you will have as well.

For your convenience, Debbie’s Molded Memories stocks standard colors and fragrances for you to choice from, but custom orders are always welcome.

You are the customer – We will do our best to fit your needs.

History of Vintage Bottle Candles

During the latter half of 2015, Daniel and Debbie Smock of Clear Spring, Maryland, began a quest to look for an on-going business adventure that the couple could consider for a possible future career. The idea of a Candle Company came in early 2016 while the couple was out antiquing, a past-time love that the couple enjoys, while admiring all the wonderful collections of vintage bottles, the thought of reverse-casting to make exact replicas of the vantage bottles as candles sparked the idea for home decorations.

Although the couple had no prior experience with the candle-making industry, husband Daniel has a 30 year professional engineering background, giving the couple an edge towards building the type of company that supported reverse-molding. As a Certified Dental Assistant for 28 years and ready for a career change, Debbie could use her organizational approach to carefully oversee the daily candle casting production.

Since the product is “vintage bottles” it was important to Debbie to know the history of each bottle, if possible, and to pass along that information to her customers, in the hope of sparking a memory from childhood or seeing one of the vintage bottle candles that would have someone remembering a loved one.

Daniel and Debbie take great joy and pride in searching for the most unique and interesting vintage bottles to turn into beautiful, conversational pieces for the home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.