Baking Kitchen Bottles

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Olive Oil - with Olive vines

Size 2.25" sq. x 7.5" Tall with embossed olives and olive vines (very attractive) HISTORY: Circa 1950's and distributed by McKesson's & Robbin

One Pound Pure Honey

Size 2.25” sq. x 7” Tall has embossed Bee Hive on stand with 2 trees. Lettering “ONE POUND PURE HONEY”. HISTORY: This is a "Honey Acres" honey jar estimated to be around the early 1900's.

Paterson's Camp Coffee and Chicory

Size 1.5" sq. x 6.5" Tall with embossed lettering on 3 sides “ESS “CAMP COFFEE & CHICORY”, “ GLASGOW”, PATERSON’S” HISTORY: This Scottish found product and the world's first liquid instant coffee, introduced in 1876. It was believed to be used by army on field campaigns in India. Today "Camp" is a British icon of nostalgia. Also Camp Coffee became a popular alternative instant coffee in 1975 due to the price of coffee doubling because of the shortage caused by a frost in Brazil.

Paul Revere - Cabin - Syrup

Size 3.75" sq. x 8" Tall This is shaped like a small house with embossed “Paul Revere on his horse 1775” on the front and on the back an embossed eagle. HISTORY: Mary Wheaton's Pancake Syrup - Circa 1970's (This candle has the new Wishbone Wick)

Pig Mustard Jar

Size 2’ round x 4.25” tall and looks like a pig. HISTORY: The Jas H. Forbes Tea and Coffee Co. began in 1853 in St. Louis, MO. The spice department was developed in 1898. This bottle was a prepared mustard and the jar was turned into a "piggy bank" once empty. The business was sold in 1956.

ReUmberto Peer Amid Olive Oil

Size 2.5" sq. x 7.5" Tall with embossed writing on 2 sides “ RE UMBERTO, PEER-AMID BOTTLES Reg US Pat Off”.