Baking Kitchen Bottles

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Canada Maple Leaf

Size 5” x 6” Tall This is shaped like a Maple Leaf with embossed leaf veins going up the front and up the back. HISTORY: From Vermont but do not know the age of bottle - very nice (This candle has the new Wishbone Wick)


Size 3.5"Round x 7" Tall This bottle is entirely shaped like an Elephant in a sitting position, with embossed trunk, wrinkles in the skin – front and back. HISTORY: Grapette was very popular across America through the 40's, 50's and 60's but seemed to vanish overnight! Benjamin Tyndle Fooks started making flavored drinks in1925 in Camden, Arkansas. During the depression Mr. Fooks sold flavored drinks out of his car. In 1940 the grape drink was officially named "Grapette" and put on the market. In 1948 animal shaped bottles were manufactured with grape syrup that would be mixed with water to make an economical and non-carbonated drink for the family. These animal shaped bottles could be used as penny banks when empty. In early 2000, Wal-Mart purchased the US rights to Grapette and Orangette and now that is the only place a person can purchase these flavored drinks.

Hires Extract Root Beer

Size 1.5" sq. x 4.5" Tall with embossed writing on each side –“ HIRES HOUSEHOLD EXTRACT”, “ FOR BREWING ROOT BEER AT HOME”, “ MANUFACTURED BY THE CHARLES E. HIRES CO.”, “PHILADELPHIA. PA U.S.A”. HISTORY: Charles Hires, a pharmacist developed his "root tea" as a medicinal syrup or tonic around 1875. He was later asked by Rev. Dr. Russell Conwell to develop a beverage for hard drinking Pennsylvania miners in the interest of the Temperance Movement. This beverage was introduced at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition at the soda fountains and was called "Root Beer". bottled root beer was first sold in 1893.

Maple Syrup House

Size 3.5"Round x 8" Tall This unique bottle is shaped like a “cottage”” with embossed windows, roof shingles, brick siding, and a dormer that is in relief. HISTORY: No history could be found but what an amazing conversational piece!

Mrs. Butterworth

Size 3” Round 8.5” Tall Everyone knows what Mrs. Butterworth looks like. This is shaped like an matronly woman with hands clasped in front of her. HISTORY: This maple syrup was introduced in 1961.

Old Virginia Dare Extracts

Size 2" x 7" Tall with embossed writing on one side “Virginia Dare Extracts” and on the other side “ Virginia Dare Extracts Co.” HISTORY: Originally founded in 1835 and evolved to Virginia Dare Co. in 1923. This company is based in N.Y. The company focuses on flavoring for food, beverages, nutritional products, dairy, bakery, sweet goods, pharmaceutical and oral care.