Ink Well Bottles

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BI X BY - Ink-well

Size 2" round x 2.5" Tall . This one is pretty simplistic, there is no writing or graphics. History: Circa 1880s

Carter Ink- well - with Church Arches

Size 2" round x 2.5" Tall This one has 8 panels and each panel looks like church arches. In each arch “CARTER” is spelled out. At the top of every arch is the “Trinity” symbol. History: Early 1900's. This company was founded by William Carter in 1858. The company building was destroyed on November 9, 1872 by what has become known as the "Great Boston Fire of 1872."

Daniel Webster’s Recorder Ink - with Eagle

Size 2" sq. x 2.5" tall with embossed eagle on the front and on the back lettering “ Daniel Webster’s Recorder INK-Made by- Waterman Salem, Mass. History: Dated 1960's to 1970's

Sanford MFG

Size 1.5" x 3" Tall with embossed “ SANFORD MFG CO”, and “ $C on the other side. History: Founded in 1858 by Frederick W. Redington & William H. Sanford Jr. Patented after 1898.

Waterman's 2oz - Ink-well

Size 2.5" sq. x 2.25" Tall This is an unusual shape 7 sides, no lettering or graphics. HISTORY: Early 1900's

Wheaton N. J

Size 2.5" round x 2.5" tall, eight sided panels. HISTORY: The Wheaton Company was founded by Dr. Theodore Corson Wheaton in 1888.