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Coffin - RIP - Poison Bottle

Size 2.5" x 5" Tall This bottle is shaped like a coffin with embossed R.I.P. and a wreath on the front with embossed nails all around edges. HISTORY: The Wheaton NJ Bottling Co. made coffin poison bottles in 1971

Rat - Poison

Size 2.5" x 6.5" Tall with embossed rat with feeding dish. HISTORY: Cowley's original Rat & Mouse Poison - Circa 1940's. The active ingredient was arsenic and this product is no longer being manufactured.

Santa - Bottle

Size 3.5” Round x 12” Tall This is shaped like Santa Claus. HISTORY: This Santa bottle was designed by artist Marjorie Child Husted in the early 1900's. Unfortunately my bottle is a reproduction, but who can tell, when it is turned into a pretty neat candle, uh?

Snowman -

Size 3.5” x 8” Tall  Shaped like a snowman. HISTORY: This could possibly be an old Vermont Maple Syrup Bottle, but makes a great holiday candle!

Spider Web Whiskey Flask

Size 3.5" x 7" Tall This bottle has spider webs all over it on one the front a nice size spider, and on the top right corner there is a fly caught in the web. HISTORY: "Whiskey Antique" 1913, The Frankfort Distillery, Inc of Kentucky. This whiskey is 100% proof.

Wine Bottle with Roses

3” Round x 11.5” Tall This bottle has embossed roses all around it. HISTORY: No information was found on this bottle, but extremely decorative and romantic as a candle.