Water & Perfume Bottles

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Vantine's Oriental Toilet Water

Size 2" x 6" Tall with embossed China and Japan flags crossed over each other with a star and quarter moon in between. Also on the front is embossed lettering “ Vantine’s Oriental Toilet Water, A,A.Vantine & Co., N.Y. On each side is oriental writing. HISTORY: Toilet Water- a lightly scented cologne used as a skin freshener and has high alcohol content. In 1866 Mr. Ashley Abraham Vantine started importing Chinese and Japanese goods to New York City. In 1870 became A. A. Vantine & Co. on 5th Ave. & 39th St. NY.

Virginia Etna Spring Co.

Size 2.5" Round x 7.5" Tall with embossed angled writing “ Virginia Etna Springs Co., Vinton, Va.” Min. Contents 6 oz. HISTORY: This company was established in 1884 in Vinton, Virginia. Virginia Etna Springs water helped make Vinton a boomtown.

Perfume Bottle with Butterflies

Size 3.5" x 6.5" Tall an unique shaped bottle with embossed butterflies and flower – one on each side of front On the back are embossed diamonds, one on top and one on the bottom. HISTORY: could not find any history on this bottle except was probably manufactured by Larkin Co., Inc out of Buffalo, NY. But if you like butterflies and an unique shaped candle - this one is for you!

Water Juice – with Penquin

Size 4.5” x 9” Tall with 2 embossed penguins – one large the other small which looks to be standing on ice. HISTORY: This bottle was used in the early 1930's to old juice or water in the refrigerator. Very large candle (This candle has the new Wishbone wick)

Avon Owl Perfume

Description: 2” round x 4.5” tall – entirely embossed with beak and feathers, also glasses on owl. History: This is a Avon perfume bottle from early 1970’s

Lime Juice Cordial

Description: 2.5” round x 9” tall with embossed L. ROSE & Co LTD and limes, vines and leaves. History: This is a lime juice cordial bottle and dates 1950/1960’s. In 1865 this company was established by Lauchlan Rose in Scotland to supply ships with provisions. In 1867 the “Merchant Shipping Act” made it mandatory for ships to carry lime juice. The company was sold in 1981.